Valentine’s Dental Drama


Valentine’s Dental Drama

Maybe cupids arrow found it’s mark, and this Valentine’s Day you have some big plans for you and your loved one. Maybe you clicked into this article and thought, “OK – they’re going to talk about sugar candy and the importance of brushing.” And yes – while we’ve already talked a length about that (and will continue to do so) – did you know there are many other dangers lurking in our mouths that you should know about on a day that’s nationally known for kissing?

Keep Your Kisses Clean – Cavities Are Contagious !

That’s right. Been putting off your visit to the dentist, or been ignoring that little bit (or lot of bit) of pain that crops up throughout your day? If any of your valentine’s plans include kissing , you may be putting your significant other at risk. And that’s not all! The American Dental Associate states that something as simple as sharing a utensil could also lead to the spread of cavities from one person to another.

According to Medical Daily,

“A 2008 study published in the Australian Dental Journal found tooth decay is one of the most infectious oral diseases.

A person’s high cavity rate could be attributed to several factors, such as “proper care at home or lack thereof, contact with others that have a high bacterial count and the individual has a suppressed immune system, improper diet introducing a multitude of carbohydrates and sugars which will feed the strep mutans,” Dr. Vladimir Gashinsky, a dental hygienist at the Holistic Dental Center in Millburn, N.J., told Medical Daily.

As an adult, we’re far less susceptible than children to bacteria spread because they haven’t built up immunity yet. However, kissing, sneezing, sharing utenils, and sharing toothbrushes facilitate the spread of cavity-causing bacteria.”

Bad Breath is a Bad Time

Bacteria in the mouth is the primary culprit of bad breath – and we would be willing to be that your loved one probably isn’t a fan either. If you’re planning on being in close proximity to someone else, we recommend using a mouth wash, using sugar free gum as an interim solution – but if you can’t seem to get a handle on your breath, it could be the symptom of a bigger problem.

While generally the kind of bacteria in the mouth that causes bad breath is the kind that doesn’t need oxygen to grow, chronic bad breath could be a sign of tooth decay. When decay starts to reach the pulp of the tooth, it can produce chronic bad breath – and that’s not something that can be resolved without the help of a dental professional.

Got The Blues? Maybe it’s time to see a dentist!

While recommended dental habbits, such as brushing twice a day, flossing, and using mouth wash are highly recommended – it might be time to see give us a call if your teeth are giving you the blues this Valentine’s Day. But don’t worry – we’re here for you! Schedule an appointment and get back on the right track to a more kissable mouth! You and your significant other will both thank us!

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