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Valentine’s Dental Drama

February 14, 2019

Maybe cupids arrow found it’s mark, and this Valentine’s Day you have some big plans for you and your loved one. Maybe you clicked into this article and thought, “OK – they’re going to talk about sugar candy and the importance of brushing.” And yes – while we’ve already talked a length about that (and…

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New Smile for the New Year 2018-2019

Our Recommended New Smile New Year Resolution

December 31, 2018

Another year is upon us – and for the dental-minded, that symbolizes another opportunity to take better care of our teeth! While we did a resolution list last year that we highly recommend you consider checking out, we want to challenge you all again with just one challenge that will significantly improve your dental health:…

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4 Tips for a Happy Mouth Halloween Dentist Blog post

4 Tips for a Happy Mouth Halloween!

October 31, 2018

Okay, where did this year go? The holiday season is already upon us, with Halloween ghoulishly handing over the first big bucket-full of tempting sweets. As careful as we might be the rest of the year, it’s almost mindless to sneak a couple Hershey’s minis here, a Smarties pack there. Kids aren’t going to turn…

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