7 Benefits of a Healthy Smile

Blog Post: The 7 Benefits of a Healthy Smile

7 Benefits of a Healthy Smile

We all know that we need to maintain our teeth – and maybe we know a few of the reasons why. But here are 7 other reasons that you may not have considered –

1. Confidence

When I walk out of the dentist’s office with fresh, pearly whites and a clean bill of dental health, I smile a little bigger. And I’m a little more careful (for a few days at least – oops? #realtalk) to brush, floss, and rinse, as I try to keep anything from staining or building up on my teeth. Good daily dental hygiene, if continued, will only serve to boost your confidence as you keep smiling in selfies and laughing with your friends. Nothing to hide here, folks!  

2. Good Habits

Good habits beget good habits. That’s a fact. So keeping your smile healthy will actually influence you to put other good habits in place – like making your bed, keeping up with the dishes, lacing up your jogging shoes, or maybe even just a 60-second tidying of the bathroom counter every evening. Let your fresh smile inspire you to a fresh start in an area you’ve been wanting to tackle!

3. Peace of Mind

When you know your mouth isn’t at its prime, there’s a constant, worrisome voice in the back of your head. “Uh-oh, tooth pain, is that a cavity?” “My gum is bleeding. Oh no. It’s swollen too. Uhhhh it’s probably nothing. Right? RIGHT?” “But I don’t want to go to the dentist, she’ll tell me something’s wrong.” Let’s face up to the facts: it might feel inconvenient or uncomfortable at first, but if you care for your teeth and gums like your dentist recommends and schedule regular dental check-ups, you’ll totally silence that nagging voice! Dental care to get you in the best possible dental health will put your mind at ease. Which leads to . . .

4. Dental Health

It should go without saying, but a healthy smile just plain means your dental health is top-notch. Keeping your mouth free of cavity- and disease-causing plaque and tartar buildup goes a long way in ensuring that you’re making it, not just faking it.

5. Overall Health

Briefly: if you’re caring for your teeth, you’re caring for your body. Oral hygiene combined with wisely choosing what you put in your mouth could affect your risk for cardiovascular health, diabetes, and infections. (Read more on the connection between your dental and overall health here)

6. Money, Money

Save your smile, save your money. Once you’ve nailed your healthy dental routine, including that dentist visit you might have been avoiding, you’ll be ahead of the starting line. Keeping your smile healthy means you’re decreasing your likelihood of needing pricey dental procedures down the line. Sounds like a deal to me.

7. Happy Dentist!

I don’t know about you, but I want my dentist to be happy with me! This has taken some time, but I’d much rather hear praise for being on top of my game than get asked (yet again) when I last flossed. Do yourself a favor and make your dentist happy. You’ll smile, he’ll smile, we’ll all smile those healthy smiles!

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