4 Tips for a Happy Mouth Halloween!

4 Tips for a Happy Mouth Halloween Dentist Blog post

4 Tips for a Happy Mouth Halloween!

Okay, where did this year go? The holiday season is already upon us, with Halloween ghoulishly handing over the first big bucket-full of tempting sweets. As careful as we might be the rest of the year, it’s almost mindless to sneak a couple Hershey’s minis here, a Smarties pack there. Kids aren’t going to turn down literally free candy. And what parent isn’t looking forward to the 50% off chocolate clearance on November 1st? (Guilty!)

But wait . . . maybe you don’t have to feel guilty. Did you know you and your kids can have your sweets AND eat them, too? Here are a few helpful guidelines to keep in mind for a happy and healthy mouth at Halloween.



1. Plan to eat sweets.

Wait, what? No, seriously – plan it. Having a plan in place for when you indulge is a solid start to healthily enjoying Halloween. Sugary snacks throughout the day increase the presence of acids in your mouth, which are caused by bacteria. Planning to enjoy a piece or two of candy at the end of a mealtime is a fantastic strategy, though; your natural saliva buildup during a meal will help rinse your mouth of particles and acids.


2. Choose carefully.

Similar to planning the timing of eating candy, having a plan for what candies you choose will improve your dental health. Dental experts recommend avoiding hard, long-lasting candies, since tooth decay is affected by the amount of time the sugar stays in your mouth. Super sticky candies (you know, those ones that give your tongue a workout wiggling into that back tooth’s crevices to pry out the stuck bits) are also not a good idea – sticky sugary things that remain in your mouth longer will contribute to bacteria and tooth decay.

3. Sharing is caring!

Many organizations will allow you to donate Halloween candy to provide treats for those who aren’t able to trick-or-treat. A quick Google search reveals organizations such as Soldiers’ Angels, Operation Gratitude, Operation Shoebox, and Ronald McDonald House Charities, just to name a few, that will provide candy to troops overseas or impoverished and hospitalized children. Those overstuffed Halloween candy buckets could be a wonderful opportunity for your kids to participate in the joy of sharing to meet someone else’s need.

4. Bet you can’t guess this tip . . .

Even if you didn’t eat any Halloween candy at all (what are you, a ghost?), your mouth isn’t going to stay healthy if you don’t brush, floss, and visit your dentist! Aim for twice a day for brushing, at least once a day for flossing, and every six months for dental hygiene check-ups.

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