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New Smile for the New Year 2018-2019

Our Recommended New Smile New Year Resolution

December 31, 2018

Another year is upon us – and for the dental-minded, that symbolizes another opportunity to take better care of our teeth! While we did a resolution list last year that we highly recommend you consider checking out, we want to challenge you all again with just one challenge that will significantly improve your dental health:…

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Is Flossing Important?

March 15, 2018

Maybe you’ve seen the meme where the hygienist asks, “When is the last time you flossed?” And the patient, voice muffled by the hygienist’s hands, answers: “Don’t you remember? You were there!” (If not, here it is for reference:) We laugh, we nod, we send the meme to friends . . . and still don’t…

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Holiday Dental Health

December 21, 2017

Dreams of sugar plum fairies and gingerbread figures dancing through your head? The holidays are a tough time to avoid sugar, from candies and cupcakes to fudges and fancy desserts. Sugar takes its toll in a variety of ways, but the toll on your teeth can be significant. Here’s a few tips to take the…

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